The WorldLife Model

Our vision is a healthy thriving planet
Climate Change Solutions by Sustainable Development
WorldLife was founded in 2003 to regenerate our planet in areas most impacted by human behaviour, including climate change. We are a non-profit organization, registered in the Netherlands specializing in regenerative solutions that focus on biodiversity, food security, reforestation and afforestation, and planetary health. We have a proven track record of facilitating indigenous nature regeneration projects all over the world.

Our first indigenous reforestation project was carried out in a desert in East Africa, Kenya, from 2008 to 2015. Through this project we have been able to regenerate with local stakeholders extremely dry areas, without irrigation by means of revolutionary tools.

In all her projects, WorldLife offers Carbon Credits through forestry projects. The reduction of carbon dioxide is primarily in the projects and collaboration with WorldLife. 25% of the total amount of hectares of a project area will be given back to indigenous nature.

We have a single mission to achieve a regenerative thriving healthy planet

Humanity is 0.01% of all life on earth. When we recognize our place in the ecosystem, earth will be able to grow healthy and thrive

Planetary Health

Micro- Meso- Macro Climate Mitigation

Our main goal is to regenerate our planetary ecosystems through indigenous reforestation and afforestation projects in extremely dry areas. The regeneration of indigenous and endemic nature ensures improvement conditions for life to thrive for all species, including humans. It has everything to do with air quality regulation. We also take part in and develop solutions on other levels like water regulation, erosion regulation, water waste treatment, soil formation, food and cultural values.

Global Health is the combined effort of multiple disciplines to improve health for animals, humans and plants within sustainable ecosystems by using an integrated systematical approach to come to transnational solutions on a macro level.

Our planetary ecosystems operates on a micro-, meso- and macro level. At the moment, on all levels it is out of balance. Today we see viruses outbreaks, sharp rise in temperature, billions of species exterminated, millions at risk, massive destruction of natural resources worldwide, food insecurity and water scarcity and so on. Global health is in serious danger and requires a very different approach from a completely different perspective.

Customized Services

Nine Systemic Approaches to create what’s desperately needed
Recovery of Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Protection and Conservation
Large scale Afforestation and Reforestation
Architecture & Design input for Regenerative Economic Growth
Regenerative Actions for the implementation of Government Sustainability Policies
Multi-sector and multi-stakeholder partnership development
Social Engagement for Regenerative and Climate Change Policies
SDG implementations and data measurement systems for transition management
Research & Publication
Customized leadership programs and training to governments, companies, private companies and other stakeholders

Consciousness in action will bring sustainable development in climate change

Project Earth, Nature & Leadership

by Margrethe van Heeswijk

Soon to be published in 2021.
After receiving an award for the – Most Sustainable Regenerative Nature Project – by the Kenyan government, she offers her experience and unique point of view on multi-faceted challenges in service to the environment and the preservation of the planet we live on. Get your copy now!

Ultimate Solutions

unique and seamless integration
We provide regenerative solutions for areas most dramatically affected by Climate Change. We initiate, organize, and facilitate indigenous nature regeneration projects with key stakeholders and partners all over the world.

WorldLife supports governments, sectors, organizations, and local communities in achieving their short- and long term sustainability goals.

We use organic and biodegradable materials, strengthening ecosystem restoration. Through the use of natural and endemic materials, we stimulate the return of ecosystems in a careful and organic manner, so that biodiversity is able to develop rapidly and the fertility of the soil returns and is preserved more quickly.

WorldLife uses innovative tools with higher water reduction compared to other irrigation systems. We also use ESA and NASA satellite data for improvement of current and future projects in all global continents.

Innovation is the Solution to Change


together we make it work
Good Governance is essential for successfully realizing large scale nature restoration projects. WorldLife is a non-profit Foundation registered in the Netherlands, which consists of a Supervisory Board, Board of Directors, an operational Leadership Team appointed by the Board of Directors, and non-binding Advisory Board. All members have a well-known track record and are intrinsically motivated, ethically driven and experienced in multidisciplinary environments.

WorldLife expands its operations to new countries via its multi-stakeholder partnership model. This partnership model consists of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with local partners for the implementation of WorldLife projects in those countries, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in particular SDG 17.

Our Good Governance structure guides and creates efficient communication, partner networks and effective management. It creates a sustainable infrastructure for achieving our goals of planting billions of indigenous and endemic trees and regenerating millions of hectares.


Perception is key to a Conscious life

WorldLife’s aim is planting 1 billion indigenous trees globally within 5 years